Emalee is feeling a lot better this week!!! The diareah has all stopped and her c-diff test actually came back negative, even though we had started her on the antibiotic just in case! I guess it was better to on the safe side by starting it though just in case it was c-diff! We actually just got back from NYC last night! She went to the hospital for blood work and to have her temporary line removed! She did ok with getting her port out….well i say ok because its out now, but she screamed bloody murder the whole time they were doing it! I don’t think it actually “hurt” as bad as it was just the fear of knowing they were going to pull it out while she was awake! She is happy now though and will be able to swim while we are in Disney for her Make a Wish trip…. so that is a bonus!!! Sloan did decide to go with a new antibody treatment after we get home from her make a wish trip. It is called rituxan. They said it will attack her b cells, making her hama level hopefully drop and then she would be able to go back onto the other 3f8 antibody trial that she did one cycle of when it does. We will go back to Sloan to start the first dose on Nov. 15th and then again on Nov. 29th. for the second dose and on the 30th they will give her a different type of low dose chemo call cyclophosphimide (sp?). Then we wait and retest the blood for a hama level and they will continue to test that for up to 3 months. If it does not come down within that time, they will repeat the same cylce of rituxan and chemo again and if it does come down she will be able to go back on the 3f8! She will also have to begin her accutane again on Nov. 14th! This is done for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 times a day for a total of 6 cycles they said. Ugh…this is just like before when she was on it….it should be a “fun” as last time I’m guessing! Anyway….everything else in her blood worked looked good yesterday and we are now getting packed and ready to leave for Disney on Sunday! She is sooooo excited you would not believe it! I am praying she stays feeling well and has an amazing time there! I just cant believe her trip is finally here…Nov. will be over in a flash with going to Disney until Nov. 9th and then starting this new treatment at Sloan…and then thanksgiving in between….the month will just fly by…gosh we’ll be right into Christmas in a flash….unbelievable! Well please keep her in your prayers that she has a safe and fun-filled make a wish trip to Disney and that the next part of her treatment is successful! I will post pictures when we return!

Thanks again for all of the prayers!